Rainbows of Hope Programs

H.O.P.E --> Pregnancy Program

H.O.P.E (Helping Others Persevere & Excel): Women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy you are not alone. Rainbows of Hope wants to make your birth of life a memorable one. Be encouraged and let us help you create a life-plan for you and your unborn child. 

You Are Not Alone….

· SUPPORT: We are here to help and support you in making decisions about your pregnancy. 

· LISTEN: We will listen to you with mentors and one-on-one personal attention. 

· OPTIONS: We want you to know the many options available to you. 

· HELP IS HERE:  We are prepared to help you and turn your crisis into victory!  

Let Us Pamper You!

Rainbows of Hope provides holistic programs for pregnant women in crisis.


Mentorship – You will be paired with a mentor that will support and encourage you throughout your pregnancy. Someone who is empathetic to your situation and a survivor of the same circumstances.  

Group counseling - A group of women, also pregnant and in crisis, they will become your support system as you all take the journey of life together. Choosing life can be a difficult decision, but with the right support you will realize it was the right decision. These sessions are “judge free” zones where you can comfortably open up and release the stress that is ultimately not healthy for you or your unborn child. 

Pamper Me Pretty: We all want to be pampered! Let Rainbows of Hope celebrate you and your un-born child. We provide a full-service pamper day including the following: 

o Hair, Nails 

o Massages, Facials 

o Make-up  

o Clothing Closet 

Baby Showers: The birth of your un-born child should be a joyous time. You’re not alone and during your baby shower, you will be surrounded by your mentors and friends. You will be provided with your child’s basic necessities such as: clothing, bottles, diapers, formula, and etc.

Hospital Support: The time has arrived!  Every mother in this program will receive a specialized toiletry basket.  When it’s time for you to deliver your baby, your mentor will be right by your side to ensure you get to the hospital and are comfortable.  

Purity Teen Program

Purity Leadership

Rainbows of Hope provides holistic programs for teen girls ages 12-19 years old in crisis to help them successfully transition into responsible young women. We are here to help them navigate through their teen years as they experience temptation, trials, and tribulations 

SEX         ABORTION        DRUGS    

Join Purity Leadership

Mentoring Program: Pairing young women with mentors that have experienced some of the same things they are experiencing, someone they can relate to. By providing them with someone they can relate to they are more adapt to open up and respond. The mentor’s responsibility is to help navigate the youth by using Rainbows of Hope strategies. 

Ø One on One bonding activities

 Ø Small Group Field Trips

 Ø Special Guests = Inspirational Speakers & Mentors   

Academics:    By helping to decrease the academic gap that exists in public schools due to socioeconomic backgrounds of youth in low-income families. A clear relationship exists between low standards, low-level curriculum, ineffective teachers, and poor results. There is a lack of resources such as after-school programs for these young women in under-served areas.   

Character Development:   To encourage the development of self-esteem, social responsibility, cooperation, and effective problem solving. Many youth that live in under-served areas are often times exposed to peer- pressure, juvenile violence, promiscuity, drugs and alcohol. By teaching character development, we will provide youth with the necessary confidence to resist those temptations and to make good decisions regardless of the situation.   

Family Engagement:    To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the child’s academic and character growth through activities and workshops that require parent participation. Studies show that the more a parent is involved the more successful that child becomes and positively impacts: academics, attendance, and graduation rates. Lack of parental involvement especially academics can be attributed to at-risk behaviors.  

Why Purity Is Needed

Alarming Statistics: 24 million children live without father in home.

Father Absence Crisis in America:

  1. 4X Greater Risk of Poverty.
  2. More likely to have behavioral problems.
  3. 7X More likely to become pregnant as a teen.
  4. More likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  5. More likely to go to prison.
  6. 2X more likely to drop out of High School.

Teen North Carolina Statistics:

  • While the percentage of abortions in the U.S. has declined by 14% in the years 2011-2014, North Carolina's rates increased by 3%
  • Abortion is by far the leading cause of mortality for Hispanics = 64% and for African-Americans = 61%

Help Rainbows of Hope make a change in these young ladies lives by being a mentor or sponsor.

"Be the change you want to see." -Gandhi